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YES! There Is Enough Time!


Imagine getting more done before 12 PM than you used to in a day.

What if that productive day could be your “new normal”?

You repeat it tomorrow, the next day, and every day beyond that.

Over the next year, those days add to one another.

The results you produce start compounding into more lucky breaks, wins, and gains.

Think of how that affects each area of your life:

  • Increasing and managing your income and net worth

  • Being present, available, and focused on your family

  • Becoming great at your hobbies and passions

  • Creating new health breakthroughs

  • Finally feeling satisfied about the progress you make

For most people, that “new normal” never happens.

Their relationship with time, energy and productivity is CHAOS. 

It’s a series of reactive events that cycle over and over throughout their lives.

They are not in control of their time. They are reactive to external events – unhinged when it comes to highly-productive, results-producing actions.

That’s Why I Created The Time Class.

I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be gobbled up by the never-ending to-do lists.

In the early 90’s I was growing my business through sheer will-power.

I was sleeping only 5 hours per night… then grinding for 19 hours!

It felt like I was always “ON.”

End-of-the-wick exhaustion set it.

Tasks as simple as eating lunch became a chore.

(I’m embarrassed to admit: I considered blending my meals so I could drink them while I was working).

My family-life was suffering. My two little sons hardly ever saw me. When they did, I wasn’t present with them. My marriage was failing. Stress piled up on my shoulders like concrete.

My body felt like it was breaking down.

One day, my youngest son crawled on my lap, took my face in his hands and said…

“Mom, you’re not fun anymore”.

That’s when the dam broke. The tears too.

I knew I needed to make a change…

So, that day I made a decision: “Sink or swim, I’m going to master my priorities and time.”

That’s When I Started Designing Strategies and Systems That

Eventually Became The Time Class.

I started shredding every single activity I did.

I delegated, asked for help, got support, and figured out how to make every single second count.

My business kept exploding upward.

YET! My time in the business decreased.

Also, I was able to finally be present with my family.

Steadily, year after year, I regained sanity and a sense of balance.

People started making comments like, “How do you do it all? There isn’t enough time.”

I replied, “Yes! There is Enough Time!” and continued sharing the revelations I had been having.

At some point, leaders of entrepreneurial organizations and universities across the

United States asked me to come speak to their communities.

Since 1995, I’ve taught the material in The Time Class to over 5,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and the people they employ.

Now, (at a special incentive price for a limited time) the Time Class is available to YOU.

Here’s What You Get When You Join Now

The Time Class is so much more than another “time management” course.

It’s a paradigm shift.

It’s a complete redefinition of how you get RESULTS in your life.

Over 6 weeks in a LIVE group-training we’re are completely breaking through your time and productivity barriers.

A few of the key transformations we’re covering together…

  • How to Eliminate Poverty & Scarcity Consciousness: create a new relationship with the dollar value of your time, increase that value, and sustain that transformation long-term.

  • Design and Implement Your Perfect Day Rituals that set every day up for success.

  • Develop refocusing strategies (ones that work for you alone) for days when you feel overwhelmed, distracted, and low.

  • Let go of your “Time Guilt” and “Should-do Lists” that carry mental weight, sap your confidence, and suck your energy.

  • Finally OWN your accomplishments instead of feeling like you’re in a perpetual state of “not-enough:” rushing, catching up, and chasing people/time.

In addition, there are a few side benefits…

You become a better leader. Your team members, your partners and your clients are taking cues from you. You’re aligning together every moment you’re in each other’s presence. When you are focused, clear in your mind, and have structure around your time: people model your positive behaviour. The opposite is also true. If you are unfocused, unclear and unstructured: they’re modeling that, too.

You become a better family member. As I mentioned above, my family was the spark that started me on this path for greater control of my time. It terrified me: thinking about my kids growing up without me really being there for them, present, open, and available. As I developed and implemented this information, time with family has become more rewarding. It’s because I’m actually really present with them, instead of worrying about the task list.

As Your Trainer, Coach and Fellow Entrepreneur I am Committed to You Getting Those Advantages

Here’s how it will look…

  • We’ll meet for 90 minutes, once per week, for 6 weeks.

  • You will be in a Zoom Room with me as your trainer and other smart entrepreneurs who are part of the group.

  • I will outline my most significant revelations and insights with you about time, efficiency, productivity, and how it relates to personal and professional life.

  • We’ll have an open discussion where you can ask questions.

  • You will practice that day’s revelation over that following week.

  • We’ll circle back, refine, retune, and rewire.

  • Also…

    You’ll gain ongoing support and tools.…

Here’s The Investment…

The value of The Time Class is $100,000.

Why that number?

Because I remember the first time I earned $100,000 more than I had the previous year… and realizing that I also took the most free time. I thought, “This is as a direct result of changing my relationship to time and priorities.”

So, the true value is well over $100,000.

The retail price of the Time Class of $2,997 is an entirely fair offer.

However, if you join before the timer hits zero, you can secure your spot in The Time Class for a special ONE TIME PRICE. Click the button below NOW! 

Join now.

Naturally, It Comes with a Guarantee, too…

Firstly, if you attend the first training and think it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money.

Secondly, if you take my instructions you will get more done in less time. If you do not earn $10,000 in additional income next year as the result of implementing The Time Class processes, I will refund your money for the training.

In that case, I’ll I ask is that you show up to and implement what I lay out within our six weeks together.

Does that sound fair?

Join now.

I invite you to step in. Fully engage in the process. Go deeper in answering the questions than you have ever gone before. It is through this process that you will start to see clear patterns emerge.

Once you distinguish what is working and what is not, it is far easier to design the life you desire. They key is being rigorously honest with yourself.

Allow this program to be the foundation for achieving what you have always desired.

Secure Your Spot Now Before The Price Goes Up

This gift will reward you for the remainder of your life.

To your success,

Dorothy Andreas

See What's Inside


 $1250 (Value)

In Module 1 you begin to understand how your relationship and story about time affect your life. 

  • How your family of origin affects your beliefs.

  • How your past, present and future memories determine your decisions. 

  • What mental hoarding keeps you from achieving.

  • How to recognize and eliminate blind spots that sabotage your time.

  • How to use your Ultradian Rhythms to your advantage.

  • What the distinction of your personal time system means.

  • Module 2

    $1250 (Value)

    In Module 2 you will come to understand how to gain a sense of life balance.

  • You will learn to improve and discard the behaviors in a way that supports your optimal physical being.

  • You will learn how to communicate in relationships in a new and profound way.

  • You will discover the meaning of Spiritualty (not religion) and how to appropriately rely on this aspect of life

  • You will learn how to leverage your knowledge and skills in a way that supports the career path you choose.

  • You will learn a new way to look at prosperity in your own life.

  • Module 3

    $1250 (Value - priceless!)

    In Module 3 you will review the information you've already learned, but from a new vantage point as you have worked through each part. 

  • You will begin to see what to selectively focus on to support your desired results.

  • You will learn how to create goals which eliminate your time wasters and replace them with joy and money makers. 

  • You will learn how to start each day in a way that sets you up for success. 

  • I did not know how much I needed this! Being an executive and having a family, I felt like I was constantly behind. If I wasn't behind at work, I felt guilty for not spending time with my family. When spending time with my family I was thinking about work! I felt like every morning I strapped into a rollercoaster, completely out of control until I went to bed at night . This course taught me to take charge of my time and by doing so, my life. I get more done at work, which is helping me produce better results. I also have much more time than I ever had before - I even make time for myself now. This course is a must-have for any busy professional realizing there could be more to life!

    - Anna, CMO for international software company

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